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Conveyancing - Buying, selling & leasing

We have highly skilled property law solicitors; we will ensure you understand all the details involved in the transaction and that it is a seamless process. 


We can advise you on all the steps necessary to ensure the process of buying or selling your home or commercial property is as stress free as possible.


The following is a simple outline of the process: 

  1. Your bid is accepted by the Vendor’s auctioneer, you then pay a booking deposit. 

  2. A Sales Advice Note is sent to us by the auctioneer.  

  3. The Vendor’s solicitor sends us Contracts with a copy of the title. 

  4. If you are getting a mortgage your Lender will send us your loan offer together with your mortgage pack. 

  5. You need to ensure you have a life policy/ mortgage protection in accordance with your Lender’s preconditions of the Loan Offer. 

  6. You should engage an Engineer to survey the property.

  7. If we are satisfied with the title furnished and that you can comply with the special conditions of the mortgage, we will arrange for you to execute the Contract and send the balance of the 10% deposit to the Vendor’s solicitors. 

  8. We will arrange for drawdown of your mortgage when we are aware of the date of closing. 

  9. When we are in funds, we will attend at the Vendor’s solicitors to complete the sale. 

  10. We will requisition searches against the title and you on the day of closing. 

  11. We will arrange for you to sign your Deed of Transfer. 

  12. You can then collect the keys. 

  13. We will arrange for registration of your ownership and mortgage in the Land Registry. 

  14. When your title and mortgage is registered, we will return your original title documents to your Lender.

If you are buying or selling your house or property please contact us for a quote and speak to an expert in conveyance. Whether you are a first-time buyer, investor, lessor, lessee, or entering into a large commercial transaction, we will give you the best advice and a clear quote. 



Second Floor,

32 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork 

T12 FWA0 



021 2455660


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